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January 1, 2003: Due to financial and promotional conflicts The CNYM Project is on hiatus as of January 1st, 2003. Two of the albums (CNYM: The Album and Little J: It's All About Me) are no longer available for purchase. If you are interested in obtaining a copy ask a friend to burn it for you. However, The Motion Picture Score is still available.

"It was fun while it lasted!"

February 2, 2002: CNYM was a group of friends (Frank, Jon, and Tony) from Frankfort NY who watched a little bit too much TV...

Jon, who had just produced an album by Systo for BFR 2000, was propositioned by Tony. Tony wanted to become a famous rapper, and asked Jon to produce his album. Tony's older sister, Jennifer, found out and said she too wanted to be a star. Tony then suggested the whole CNYM do a hardcore ghetto glam gangsta rap album together. Frank thought this idea was bad, but he let Jon attempt the project anyway. It was a total failure.

But before it was an utter disaster, Jon had asked Frank to help write some songs. Frank agreed but spent too much time on a unifying story and not enough time on rhyming. Frank decided to convert the songs into a movie without telling anyone. Frank set to work on what would become the screenplay for CNYM The Movie.

After Jon lost all patience with the hardcore ghetto glam gangsta rap album, Frank surprised him with a new Playstation game and the screenplay. Frank let Jon organize the musical score.

They decided to cast as many members of the CNYM as they could, and ended up with all three thanks to the eventual signing of Tony.  Next they added Jennifer to play the lead,  because anything sells better with a girl on the cover. Finally they rounded out the cast with relatives and friends.

They shot and produced the film over an extended period of time.

Due to legal proceedings the films release was delayed, which saddened the cast and crew. But thanks to a legal loop hole they discovered they were able to release CNYM The Album thanks to F/N Records.

F/N Records in a partnership with BFR 2000 released CNYM The Album and Little J - It's All About Me, on compact disc. BFR 2000 independently released CNYM The Motion Picture Score at the same time.

To promote these compact disc releases this web site was created...

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