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Jennifer Viti

Frank Viti 

Tony Viti

Jon Giangiacomo 

Peter Sengenberger

Dana Giangiacomo 

Mike Scialdone

Joseph Giangiacomo 

Jay Kameese

Chris Allegretta 

Jen Giangiacomo

CNYM Written by: Frank A. Viti III
Additional Scenes Written by: Jon Giangiacomo

Featuring Music By:
Swann And Sycamore
The B.O.T.
You Meddling Kids And That Dog
Little J

CNYM is an FAV III Production
CNYM the Album is a F/N Record released by BFR 2000

Score coordinated by J. Giangiacomo
Cartoon Images by Michael Scialdone

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© 2000 - 2001 by FAV III Productions and BFR 2000