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Frank A. Viti III


Location: Iím currently living in Wilmington NC

Have any hobbies: I play a lot of video games. Other than that I like to play frisbee golf and watch cartoons and movies.

How was your experience working on the CNYM movie: I had a great time.  It was a lot of fun working with everyone.  The cast and crew got along really well I thought.  Of course there were times when we  got on each othersí nerves but that is to be expected when you spend a lot of time with a group of people under sometimes stressful situations.  Overall though it was a great experience.

While you were writing the screenplay did you plan on being in the film or did that decision come later: I pretty much knew that I would have a part and I knew I wanted Jon in it too.  So I wrote those parts with us in mind.

Did you play a big part in the rest of the casting: I had a short list of people in mind for the main parts and was lucky enough to get the people I wanted so it made the decisions easy.  For most of the supporting roles I mainly let Jon handle that.  Jon found Pete for the part of ďthe ButcherĒ and I tell you, he nailed exactly what I was going for.  I donít think we could have got a better cast, I feel very fortunate about that.

What character(s) do you play: Of course my main role in the film was Frankie Fingers but I also had a small role as a gangster at Grimaldiís.

Can you give us some insight into your character: Well heís pretty much a slacker and an underachiever.  He sits around most of the day listening to music, playing video games, and watching cartoons.  Heís the kind of person that if you met you wouldnít expect him to amount to much.  But heís a lot more complicated than that.  Under the surface heís got a lot going on and heís always thinking.  He knows whatís happening and is smarter than you would think.

Have you had any other film or stage jobs: Not really!  I made some movies with my cousins growing up but Iíve never had a real acting job.  Also, this is the first thing Iíve ever written and directed.

What is the motivation behind releasing the soundtrack to the film with all of the dialogue before the actual film: I wanted to try and do something radically different that in itself would get people to talk about the movie.   Just by listening to it people will see the film in their minds and when they actually go see it hopefully it will exceed what they built up in their minds and possibly connect somethings they might have missed.  Hopefully it will really wet peopleís appitites and create interest and a buzz around the film.

What genre would you classify the film in: Itís hard to say.  I didnít want it to be nailed down as an action film or just another mob picture.  I tried to make it an action packed, story driven suspenseful dark comedy.  I really wanted to incorporate a little of everything and I think we did that well.

Some parts of the story seem a bit confusing on the CD, can you explain the entire story for us: I could explain it but I really donít want to.  I donít want to give anything away.  Thatís what I mean when I say that actually seeing the film will help connect things or people.  There are just some things you have to see to understand.

In one scene we hear a Little J song on the radio. Is that Little J the same person as Little Jenny from the story: Yeah.  In working on the film Jon and Jenny decided to combine creative forces and work on a cd that was done as the Little Jenny character.

How do you feel about BFR 2000 placing the parental advisory sticker on the cover of your album: I think itís a good thing.  Thereís a lot of stuff in here that kids donít need to hear.  It was written for a 20 plus audience anyway and I donít have any problem with something that letís everyone know that.

You live in North Carolina, how did you decide to write a film about a small town in New York: Yeah well I moved to Wilmington when I went to college and it turned out to be a good choice since there is a movie studio here and there are tv shows filmed in town.  But originally Iím from a small Italian town in New York named Frankfort.  Itís where I grew up and itís my roots so it was a natural setting for me.

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