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Jon Giangiacomo


Location: I live in Durham, NC

Have any hobbies: I love music! I listen to it, write it, record it, produce it! I also get a big kick out of vintage 80's cartoons, the films of View Askew, and Sports Entertainment.

How was your experience working on the CNYM movie: It was very interesting. At sometimes it was the greatest thing I've ever done. Some days I just loved it. And then other days I hated it. Frank and I took on a massive work load with lots of responsibilities. But in the end the finished product made it all worth it. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Now what did you do exactly: Well when Frank said he was gonna make the CNYM concept into a film I thought it sounded cool. The CNYM has existed for years as a small circle of friends. Well at first I was gonna just play Jonny Numbers. But I told Frank I wouldn't do it unless he let me do the score. It was an easy sell. After he wrote the screenplay we started casting and doing read through's. We realized we needed some more scenes and I wrote those. So while I cowrote the film, it's mostly his work.

How did you help in the casting: Frank had a list of people he wanted in. After that we just cast people I've met over the years from bands, working in radio, and family. Lots of the actors are related to each other in this.

What character(s) do you play: I play Jonny Numbers first. Then I ended up playing alot of smaller extra parts. We kinda filmed like Monty Python did the Holly Grail. Freeze the frame and you'll see someone from another scene standing sideways or backwards.

Have you had any other film or stage jobs: Yes. I have been in numerous things. I've played a number of parts in A Few Good Men, Our Town, and I was Prince Charming in a Snow White production. I've also worked as a stage hand on a few things. But most of my stage time come from performing in bands and working as a roadie.

Some parts of the story seem a bit confusing on the CD, can you explain the entire story for us: Actually we want people to hear it first. After everyone gets a chance to listen we've got plans to release the film and also do some creative stuff online.

Tell us about the Little J CD: That was great. Basically we wanted to get Little Jenny over as a major bitch. But when the film was done we thought she fell short. So the three of us came up with the idea of having Little Jenny do a CD where she would just be nasty. It's referenced in the film, you can hear a part of a song in a radio bit. It was alot less demanding then putting together the audio on the film!

Why did BFR 2000 place the parental advisory sticker on the cover: It's filthy!

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