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Scene 1: Opening
Scene 2: Town Crier
Scene 3: The Mean Streets of Frankfort
Scene 4: A Visit To Samartino
Scene 5: Another Day at the Apartment
Scene 6: Seeing Things
Scene 7: Time to Hit the Mall
Scene 8: A Well Placed Envelope
Scene 9: Oneida County Airport
Scene 10: Sammy Baby
Scene 11: Trust Me
Scene 12: Big Trouble
Scene 13: You're Caller Number Two
Scene 14: A Garbage Pie
Scene 15: A Bookmobile and Some Chickens
Scene 16: Bleed the Bitch
Scene 17: Our Neighbor
Scene 18: Take You Out Tonight
Scene 19: FPD
Scene 20: At the Shop
Scene 21: News of a Setback
Scene 22: Some More Milk
Scene 23: The Triumph

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